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Peppermint Gin Caruso Cocktail

Updated: May 17

Quick Fact- this cocktail was created in homage to the Italian tenor Caruso at the hotel Seville in Cuba, in 1920.

Creative Cocktail Photography, Peppermint Gin Caruso

If you are a fan of Peppermint and gin this is a great combination for you. Try making your own Peppermint Gin Caruso Cocktail


  • Cocktail glass

  • Mixing glass and bar spoon

  • Ice

  • Strainer



  • 20 mls gin

  • 20 mls peppermint liqueur

  • 20 mls dry vermouth



  1. Add ice cubes to the cocktail glass to cool it down and set aside.

  2. Meanwhile, add ice, the vermouth, peppermint liqueur and gin to the mixing glass and stir with the bar spoon, until well mixed and the drink is cold.

  3. Remove the ice from the cocktail glass, and any excess water, and use the strainer to pour the drink into it.

Enjoy it whist cold!

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