Twisted Twins

It's Friday the 13th, Witches!!!

"Something wicked this way comes" — Shakespeare

I have been so excited to share these images.

I made the very difficult decision of holding off from posting these spooky pics on Halloween, as I always wanted to post something scary on Friday the 13th.

These images were a result of a very fun collaboration between me and the talented make up artists Rebecca Rose Robinson and Gemma Louise Williams.

If you don't know this duo, they are not only great friends but also love creating twinsy looks.

With some inspiration from the artist Kurtis Rykovich, Rebecca and Gemma created a doll like spooky look, where they not only did the make up themselves but also styled and design the complete look.

hope you like them as much as we do.

P.S.- make sure your back door is locked tonight...

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