Top 10: Club Photography

Working as a club photographer is probably one of the most challenging photography jobs that you can have, not only its very dark, with people constantly dancing/moving around you, but also very challenging when the club lights are flashing and changing colour unexpectedly. One of my favourite aspects of photography is the use of light, when using the right settings you can do some really cool effects, especially in clubs. Over the years I have learned a trick or two by combining the flash gun and the movement of the lenses while shooting, enabling me to create some super cool images.

To celebrate my 10 years of Luis Cruz Photography I am sharing the top 10 images of 10 different styles of photography that I have explored during my career.

here are my top 10 club photos.

1- I love this image, the movement with the combination of light gives the impression of the performer having wings and that he is trying to take off.

2- I'm obsessed with the image above, I don't normally keep blurry images, but this one grows on you the more you look into it. I like how it summons what happens on a dance-floor, the movement indicates people dancing but also how people come and go through the night.

3- The image above is really simple, but that's probably what I like about it. The way that the middle hand just touches the centre of the light, almost as if it diverts its direction, really draws attention.

4- The image above is one of my favourite tricks to do when shooting in a club. Using a flash gun, if you simultaneously rotate the lens when pressing the shutter-release button, it duplicates the subject into a bigger or small double exposure, depending on wether you are zooming in or out.

5- The image above is from one of my favourite shows that I've photographed at a Horseplay, Baby Lame, which is a PUNK-HORROR-DRAG SUPERSTAR, the image speaks for itself.

6- I just love how the performer's wigs merge into one, the colours are amazing.

7- The image above is another good example of the fun imagery you can create when playing with your photography kit in a club. I love creating a sense of movement on the Dj's decks by producing some light dragging effects.

8- I will let you make your own evaluation on the above image. Just incredible.

9- This is a great example of how some cool lighting, in this case UV, can produce some great effects. Always be aware of where the U.V. lights are located, as you can create some great images.

10- To finish my top 10, I would have to add a picture of someone simply having a great time, and this drag queen is having a ball. It seems parcel tape as a bracelet is trending.

I hope you enjoyed them. Remember to sign up for the latest and leave a comment below. :) x

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