Snow Moon Vs Storm Ciara

A few days ago I was reading a very interesting article about 5 Celestials Events taking place in February 2020. One of them being the Snow Moon that took place last Sunday. When the full Moon falls in February, it is referred to as a Snow Moon to symbolize the peak of the Winter season. I was very much looking forward to witness this event. So little did I know that Storm Ciara was on it's way to cause so much damage and devastation but also to cover the skies with dark and thick clouds, blocking any possible view of this so called Snow Moon, I was slightly devastated.

Yesterday evening as I hear the wind blowing loudly outside, I take a quick look out of the window, when I spotted in between passing clouds the full power of the Snow Moon. It was incredible, the strength of the winds pushing the heavy and dark clouds across the skies and the bright hallo of the Snow moon shinning at me. I immediately felt empowered by this double phenomenon event, it was Snow Moon Vs Storm Ciara.

I set up the tripod by my bedroom window, I tried so many lenses and camera settings to get the best possible picture of the Snow Moon but I was finding it hard to focus on such a bright subject in the middle of a very dark background with fast moving clouds. Shooting through a glass window that is possible quite dusty from the outside was probably not a great idea either.

I uploaded dozens of images into my laptop more than once, but I kept telling myself that I could do better. One last time I decided to go outside in the middle of the road with my tripod and as if by magic the sky clears for a few seconds, just enough time for me to be able to capture the amazing shot below. Just incredible.

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:) Luis

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