Personal Trainer Shots

Now more than ever your online presence needs to be strong - you not only need to be visible but also look good.

Even though Covid-19 restrictions are starting to ease, the past year if anything was a great kick up the bum for many of us to get stuff done.

The need to work from home, take your small businesses online or even update your current websites, all those times when you said "I'll get that done when I have the time", now is the time.

Natasha came to me for some headshots. She is a P.T. and a Yoga teacher and needed to get her website up and running in order to target a wider clientele in her local area. We needed to get some nice headshots, not only to show her confidence in helping others with their body and mind, but also to project an approachable and friendly vibe.

Natasha works mostly with ladies of a more mature age and being over 40 herself her mantra is that if she can do it anyone can!

Natasha behaved like a pro in the studio and we had a bit of banter, it felt like I was talking to a friend. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with another local business after these really challenging times, it is very important that we do all we can to support businesses at the heart of our communities.

Here you will find some of the final images and if you think this is something you would like to get done for your own business just get in touch here and let's chat.

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