Meet the IGWANAS

A Psychedelic Afro-Beat and Dessert Groove Rock band from Bristol. Intrigued? Keep reading....

Having started a band back at art college, Kieran and Gina initially got together with the plan to play some covers at hotels for some extra cash, but little did they know that they would end up having so much fun writing their own material. These two have performed for nearly 10 years under a few different band names and in a variety of line ups, but always persevered through. Joel liked their sound and wanted to add some West African style guitar parts. He then introduced Beau and Hugh who contributed with their impenetrable rhythm section. These three have been friends from childhood and it created a solid bond to the group.

The IGWANAS have been performing for 3 years and have made some really cool tunes together.

The IGWANAS love to perform at festivals, this is where their hearts are at, and due to the current pandemic, they also had a tough year with all of their festivals being cancelled.

As restrictions slowly ease, and we all hope to get back into the festivals very soon, the IGWANAS came to me to get some promo/press shots so they can get back out there and re-introduce themselves to the world.

They wanted to get some images that said " desert, heat and sunset" so that you could instantly identity them and know what they are all about. Take a look at these pictures and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them performing.

They will also be announcing a new release by the end of the summer which will be available on all platforms as well as a new music video, so don't forget to to hit that SUBSCRIBE button and stay tuned.

Above: Kieran R. Leonard

Above: Gina Marie Tratt

Above: Joel Williams

Above: Hugh Sergant

Above: Beau Hulse

IGWANAS- Outback (Live)

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