Halloween shoot

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

So, I'm fully aware of the fact that Halloween is long gone, but while going through my hard drive, I found this beautiful images that I took during the month of October while Collaborating with two of my favourite people of this world.

Collaboration with Alana Ashley Make up artist/ body painter, is always a great pleasure, this woman is one talented human being. During the halloween season, she has painted her own face everyday for the month of October, having created some of the most horrific but amazing halloween looks that you can think of... check her instagram for more here ---> Alana Ashley

Here is the look we worked on together:

The Second collaboration I was involved in, was also with a very talented and creative Make-up-artist, Rebecca Rose Robinson, She is not only great at what she does but also amazing model, she had come up with a Alien Princess make-up for the lovely Shine Shack girls using their beautiful glitters. This was the "..most amazingly sparkly make-up ever..." according to Rebecca. take a look

Hope you like this two amazing looks, stay tuned for more updates :) Luis

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