Updated: Feb 10, 2020

" Once upon a time in a Winter afternoon, Luis and Rebecca, two creatives from Bristol stumbled across a box. Tucked away in a cupboard within the photography studio, there it sat, gathering dust. Like children, their curiosity soon took over and their minds filled with questions. They couldn’t resist the opportunity, cautiously opening the box an explosion of colour lit the room.

It wasn’t long until the contents of the box were brought back to life, nostalgia filled the air as the two fashion creatives relished the opportunity to be children again. The room pulsed with excitement and laughter as childhood memories flooded back to them both.

Before long playtime was over, the box was carefully placed back into the very spot it sat for years, its precious content sent back into a slumber. Mischievously, Luis and Rebecca left their studio, their hearts warmed by the childhood memories that once, and always will, give them such joy.


Photography and Concept by Luis Cruz

Model, Make-Up and Concept by Rebecca Rose Robinson

Graphics by Sammi Quinn Pring

Hope you enjoyed it, please make sure to leave a comment below as would love some feedback. xx :) Luis

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