Halloween at Burnt Soul

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

" Every day is Halloween. Isn't it? For some of us. " - Tim Burton

For those of you who know me, you'll know that Halloween is like Xmas for me. Unfortunately I have been too busy to take part in this years celebrations but I couldn't let it go by without atleast posting about it.

This year my good friend and makeup artist Rebecca Rose Robinson and I, have collaborated with Burnt Soul to create a couple of Halloween looks.

If you haven't heard of Burnt Soul, all you'll need to know is that they are Bristol based lycra lovers making a new kind of uniform for adventure seekers, sparklers, and wild child’s all over the world! Burnt Soul are all about you expressing yourself and having fun with the outfits you wear. Every piece is created to make you feel incredible. Burnt soul tailors to the shape of your body, using colours and glitter to bring out your shine. The talent behind Burnt Soul is the lovely Robyn, who started it all up back in 2012. Robyn is a Fashion Design Graduate from Bristol. As time went on the team grew, Anna jumped on board for studio management and PR shenanigans and Hannah for extra help with in house sewing. If you looking for a catsuit or just some leggings for a festival, party, yoga or for a performance, Burnt Soul is the place to get it from.

Make up and modeling from the great Rebecca Rose Robinson, and photos by me, check what we created below.

Hope you like it, feel free to Comment below and don't forget to Subscribe. x

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