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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

This post has long been due, I have worked with this amazing woman twice now and I feel like it was time to share this. Linda Thomas is one of the many amazing creatives that Bristol has. This creative in particular is not only very talented but also very passionate about her work, which I find very exciting and impressive.

Linda at Linda Thomas Eco Design makes luxury upcycled clothing for amazing women to celebrate their individual beauty.

Linda makes each piece individually by redesigning and reworking with beautiful materials such as cashmere, merino, silk and linen. Hand felted features, such as collars, using merino wool and silk and finished with vintage or handmade buttons. All stitched with organic cotton.

Linda sources from her favourite charity shops around Bristol using second hand fabrics to ethically and sustainably produce clothing that neither wastes or adds to the textile surplus across the world.

Upcycling everything from satin wedding dresses to hard-to-find fabrics, Linda has managed to create fashion items with a practical edge, aiming to offer her customers graceful designs for a variety of situations but always with the source of the fabric in mind.

Linda’s designs are both beautiful and practically customised, her designs are elegant and have a flowing feel to them.

Linda gets inspired by people, her surroundings and life in general, her open mindedness and love of welcoming in all kinds influences her creative work.

“People let me right into their world, and from that you get a great love of humanity.”

Bristol is not only Linda’s favourite place when it comes to sourcing from charity shops but also a place that inspires for her shoots.

Our first shoot location was her gracious front room, I have to say Linda has probably one of the best views of Bristol which is also the view from her studio on the floor above where she gets her creative mind into work.

We had a lovely evening with the fantastic team of Rebecca Rose Robinson on make-up/hair and as a model, along with the stunning Florence Andrea.

Here some of the images produced that evening.

On the second shoot, Linda was feeling inspired by nature and the Ginkgo trees, so we venture down to Westonbirt Arboretum in search of this beautiful trees. It was the perfect time of the year for these to blossom and along with maple trees the explosion of colour was just ridiculously amusing.

Teamed up again with the very talented Rebecca Rose Robinson on make-up/hair and this time as a model Linda had approached this stunning girl randomly, Leona had never modelled or done a shoot before and she was absolutely rocking it, “The Queen” as we kept on calling her. Take a look.

If you would like to see more of Linda's work Click here.

Hope you enjoyed the images above as much as we do. Please leave your thoughts below

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